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Of course all you Canadian hipsters know that CBC Radio 3 is THE BEST radio network on the face of the planet bar none, and I hope you American kool kats get hep to it, as well. A good start would be to check out my stuff while listening to their ongoing stream:

jody franklin
July Fourth Toilet (includes two songs from the new album)

July Fourth Toilet at the VAG, new vinyl LP

I will be in Vancouver to perform in both of these shows.

Two Hot Shows, One Sizzling Album!
Wild Summer Nights With July Fourth Toilet

Go KRAZY! All Night At The Vancouver Art Gallery
Friday June 27th, 6:00 pm to 5:00 am

July Fourth Toilet, an eclectic band of accomplished multidisciplinary artists known for their infamous live shows blending wildly experimental interpretations of popular music forms with high-concept theatricality, will be presenting a 3-room, 11-hour show of music, multimedia, dance and performance art, hosted by the VAG Fuse series as part of the KRAZY! The Delirious World of Anime + Comics + Video Games + Art exhibit.

Courtroom One will feature two performances of Dionysian sludge machismo-drippage skronk from the newly-released limited edition vinyl album July Fourth Toilet presents Balls Boogie featuring Me and Bobby McGee plus!: Kentucky Whore and Many Others. Rock turns in on itself and eats its own emasculated tail at 10:00pm and midnight.

Courtroom Two will feature ongoing improvisational sound art to illustrate themes of transformation, movement, inner voyages of discovery, outer journeys through the universe, birth and rebirth, and rites of passage best avoided starting at 6:00pm and ending at 5:00am!!!!!!. The performance will be accompanied by multiple projections and live scratch animation on 16mm film.

The Rotunda will feature a performance of the piece "Enter the Princess" created specifically for the natural acoustics and shape of the Rotunda using placed choral voices and Chinese gongs in a spectacle of ceremony and visceral sound vibrations accompanied by minimalist dance based on ancient Indian yogic poses. The singers will encircle dancers who face inward to the center of the circle as they move to the pulse of the live score: movement as sound, sound as movement. 9:00pm.

Fuse will also present music, art and multimedia by Arowbe, Vancouver Community Gamelan, Felix Culpa Theatre and the NEOGRAF collective, plus a 12-hour live drawing jam by Vancouver comic artists.

July Fourth Toilet Presents: Balls Boogie Featuring Me And Bobby McGee Plus!: Kentucky Whore And many Others! Record Launch Party
with guests Basketball, The Lovin' Hands (from Calgary) and Stamina Mantis
Friday July 4th at Pub 340, 340 Cambie Street
Doors 9:00 pm

July Fourth Toilet gets back to its roots on the July fourth!: down 'n' dirty on skid row!: in celebration of the release of July Fourth Toilet presents Balls Boogie featuring Me and Bobby McGee plus!: Kentucky Whore and Many Others, their new gritty biker boogie-tinged slab o' overcooked vinyl. Cum get blasted by a rocket ship of sonic slime, exploratory psych-O-droolic instros and zonked ballads in an intimate environment of revelatory boozy revelry!

Format: LP
Release Date: July 4th, 2008
Catalogue : PA871

Limited edition of 500 vinyl LPs
with special art booklet and MP3 download code

What is the album? One third hard driving biker boogie, one third faux Eastern but 10,000 miles up experimental instros, one third wonky ballads, one percent je ne sais quoi, and zero bullshit.

July Fourth Toilet may just be the most lucid yet visceral musical act in existence!

Legendary long-time West Coast Canadian musical act July Fourth Toilet has been doing it their way since 1994.

July Fourth Toilet have made it their mandate to never perform the same show twice. Show themes for this multi-piece, multi-instrumental co-ed bargain basement technicolor variety revue have included thirty second songs and medleys, as well as tributes to tea, candy, Davy Jones and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Their Satanic Majesties Request, September 11th, and legendary songwriter Paul Williams (with Paul Williams himself enjoying the show from ten feet away).

July Fourth Toilet ritualistically combines and transcends pop song craft, versatile musicianship, performance, non-musicians, and pure improvisation to create their unique and inimitable sound and persona.

Named by Gregg Turkington and John Singer of the anarchic and confrontationally comedic experimental two piece Zip Code Rapists.

Their first album, self-released, was intended to make people feel warm inside with its sense of soft experimental psych-pop. Entitled Something For Everyone it received critical raves and was treasured by those who got a chance to hear it.

Tell us more about this new album! For their follow-up album July Fourth Toilet set up a series of obstructions to overcome in order to create greatest listenable unlistenable album of all time using an old semi-generic budget label record as a loose template. Some of the best art and entertainment is created from barriers.

What about the music? July Fourth Toilet begins their obstacle course of an album with an eerie rendition of the most common song they could think of: Kris Kristofferson's "Me And Bobby McGee." What follows are original numbers beginning with five hard driving boogie rock tracks with G Funk keyboards. To maximize listening pleasure and recording efficiency, the band used the same backing track of one of those songs and added new lyrics and vocals et al to create an entirely new song ("Thanks Drugs"). This is followed by four or five experimental non-rock based tracks created by different teamings of J4T members. It all ends in a lush ballad of hope and renewal, a gentle, shaky exhale from such relentless themes of unbridled machismo.

The album is wrapped up in the unwieldy title July Fourth Toilet presents Balls Boogie Featuring Me And Bobby McGee, Plus!: Kentucky Whore And Many Others. So many factors were important, July Fourth Toilet wanted every song to be well crafted and to have the album flow in a new (utilizing restructured fragments of old) and unexpected manner on rather different pinpoints of the musical map, to have it all be cohesive to the unsuspecting, a story of overcoming difficulties for the listeners' enjoyment.

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MungBeing 20: Migration

The twentieth issue of MungBeing Magazine has migrated to the cyberstands!
www. mungbeing. com

=== Features ===
* Tala Bar's essay "Migration In Myth"
* Allegra C Chesnut's "Migrations of the Heart"
* Ian Pyper's exploration of Migration Phases
* a MungBeat! exclusive new album from bibble
* Pablo Vision's "Ignorant Art Ism [Passage of one body into another at death: Anagram (14)]".

=== Visual Art & Comics ===
* Scott Gray, cover artist Matt Sesow, and Pablo Vision all make their MungBeing debuts this issue
* New works from Godfrey Blow, Matt Bray, Jacqueline Jones, Claudio Parentela, Jeff Davis, Muayad Muhsin, Mark Planisek, Liz Parkinson, Elsa Dax, Ashley Reaks, Michael Dickinson, Gus Fink, jody franklin, Callie Danae Hirsch, Frances Mai-Ling, mckenzee, and Jason McLean

=== Music ===
The MungBeat! Podcast features
* "Concrete Daisies" by Allison Barkley
* the exclusive release of "Most Big Sad Time at Planet Cool" by bibble
* two tracks from Ashley Reaks
* two tracks from jody franklin

=== Lit ===
* essays by Tala Bar, Allegra C Chesnut and Buzzsaw
* prose by Pablo Vision
* poetry by Ashley Reaks, RS Deese, and Frances Mai-Ling

All this and recipes, comics, collages, poetry, and pictures of birds.

MungBeing is an online bimonthly magazine published under a Creative Commons license with a foundation in sector 10 and a pattern forming in 12B.



New Music Available! And New Old Music Available!

Rubaboo is a mentally-suspect neocacophonous audioschizocoustiphonic musical troupe experimenting with the "now sounds" of today. While it is perhaps the "goal" of many to be "discovered" by "record labels" representing the "music industry," we would rather be "discovered" by Jungian analysts and/or spirit mediums who wish to help us investigate the Realistic Barnyard Friends, including the helper monkey friend from Africa and the Secret Goat.

Despite what our "enemies" may say about the Rubaboo audio artists, we may be a "secret society," but we sure are a "cult!"

Rubaboo Links

Rubaboo on CBC Radio 3's New Music Canada
Rubaboo In The RPM Challenge 2008

Realistic Barnyard Friends by Rubaboo

CDr + 12 page zinelet now available for $6 + $2 postage

The Rubaboo musical ensemble of Lotusland have completed our debut "concept album" Realistic Barnyard Friends, which exposes the "Sinister Conspiracy" of Farmer Joe "Old McDonald" Brown and the revolutionary response to his manipulative machinations by a cabal of communist cocks and hens, and explores the intervention of a helper monkey friend from Africa and his mystical god-pal the Secret Goat. It is perhaps far more intuitive than conceptual in terms of approach and structure, yet there are "thematic elements" unifying the individual "works of music." We utilize spontaneous ritualistic "improv" techniques to create elaborate "sonic sketches."

recorded, mixed and mastered February 2008
released 29 February 2008

Realistic Barnyard Friends by Rubaboo
Track Listing Annotated With Descriptions
1. Rise Of The Cock: The Dawn Of A New Age

2. The Helper Monkey Friend From Africa

3. Plight Of The Flightless Fowl

4. Bolshevik Chicken (Is Coming To Town)
"A spritely romp of an entheogenic beet-sucking Slav socialist electro-folk ditty as interpreted by pseudo-Sufis."

5. Realistic Barnyard Friends Subvert The Dominant Paradigm

6. International Chicken Workers Union Local 23 Meets Behind The Henhouse
"Rippling with the dubious musical technique you will come to love, this spontaneous one-take wonder is a scathing, 79% vegan indictment of the tyrannical agricultural practices of that shit-kicking humanoid, Farmer Brown. Rally behind your plump and plucky chicken brethren! Howl with the monkeys as the luminous rays of class consciousness shine light into each nook and cranny of the henhouse!"

7. Old-Fashioned Barnyard Revival Meeting

8. Chickens Are Revolting
"Cocks rise up to repel the anthrocentric controlitism of the malodorous murderous agrityrant, and he responds by spewing his hatred of the feathered monstrosities in a ripping riff of a gun-polishing skronkrawker."

9. Rise Of The Cock: Preparation For War
"Sung by a group of cocks reaffirming their fowlish identities as they rattle their sabres and warble for war."

10. The Helper Monkey's Odyssey To The Realm Of The Secret Goat
"Join the Helper Monkey as he battles his reluctance to shed himself of Farmer Brown's shackles, and finally decides to journey to the realm of the Secret Goat for guidance."

11. Battle Of Brown Holler

12. The Mystical Lament Of The Secret Goat

13. Peace, Love And Kittens

14. Ballad Of The Realistic Barnyard Friends

15. Rise Of The Cock: Twilight On The Barnyard

White (Trash) Album (cassette)
2008 reissue of first classic J4T album from 1994!
$6 + $3 sh

July Fourth Toilet Plays Canada Day On John Knowles' Front Porch Live 1995! CDr
taken from our vaults, now available for the first time ever!
$6 + $2 sh


July Fourth Toilet Show This Saturday: I'll Be In Vancouver!

July Fourth Toilet Website Launch Party
A Journey Into The Musical Past Using Technology Of The Future!
with guests Shearing Pinx and Ice Cream
Saturday March 8th, The Astoria, 769 East Hastings

Question: which local musical act
• turned a generic 1970s K-Tel children’s album into a live rock opera performed in animal costumes
• got heckled by legendary rock critic Richard Meltzer while performing in a junkyard
• did a tribute show to songwriter Paul Williams, who climbed onstage and told them they “kicked ass” for doing a song from the movie Ishtar
• are part of the influential West Coast psychedooolia art scene
• staged more than 80 completely unique shows over their 14-year history?

July Fourth Toilet has been following a philosophy of making every performance conceptually different since 1994. This merry band of musical experimentalists has merged performance art with playful genre-bending in their relentless exploration and deconstruction of pop culture arcana and contemporary music.

jody franklin, a writer and multidisciplinary artist who has been with July Fourth Toilet since 1994, started documenting the history of the troupe on their website last year. The Performance History section of can be read start to finish as the troupe’s collective autobiography. It tells the story of the eclectic group show by show, as members share anecdotes about their experiences creating musical performance art together. “In my opinion, we have a body of work that is totally different from what anybody else has done, and I really wanted the world to know about it,” said franklin, who designed and edited the site. “I crafted it like a documentary film, editing quotes and visual art together to tell our story in a highly readable, entertaining and artful way.” It is firmly rooted within the cultural context of the Vancouver music and art scenes, as Toilet members openly discuss their contemporaries, scene politics, and how they were perceived by fans and critics. “It may be the most comprehensive window into the Vancouver music scene of this era.”

“We’ve recorded so much material that was never released, and I wanted to start getting some of our older music out before our new album comes out this summer,” said Robert Dayton (of Canned Hamm fame), who co-founded July Fourth Toilet with Julian Lawrence (publisher of Drippytown Comics & Stories). Last year, franklin released their long-lost EP Childhood Will End in MungBeing, the online art magazine he publishes. Dayton has followed this up by digging into their audio archives: the White (Trash) Album, a skewed take on the Beatles put out as a cassette on noise label Trackshun in 1994, will be re-released in its original format. And a CDR of a sloppy feel-good live performance at a Canada Day front porch barbeque in 1995 will also be available to fans for the first time ever.

July Fourth Toilet celebrates their history, the official launch of version 3.0, and the release of the White (Trash) Album (cassette) and July Fourth Toilet plays Canada Day on John Knowles’ Front Porch Live 1995! (CDR) at the Astoria on Saturday, March 8th. They will be doing a tribute to their website and performing songs drawn from their Performance History.

launching this Saturday: (redirects to MySpace until then!)

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security and social networking

Over the past year or so I've received several invitations from online friends to join various social networking systems that I'm not yet part of (as if the handful I'm already part of isn't a little too much already.) I found it curious, at first, that some of these invitations came from folks I had long been out of touch with, or sometimes barely knew at all, and, despite the fact they were always form letters, part of me was touched: "gee, that's nice they're thinking of me." In a couple of instances early on, I actually wrote letters to these friends explaining why I didn't wish to join another social networking site at the time, and thanked them for inviting me, all the same.

Gee. I feel a little red in the face about that now. Before I joined Facebook last summer, I had no idea people had the option to give these giant networking corporations access to their email accounts so they could send out letters to everyone on their contacts list. When I realized that, it made me somewhat uneasy. I was only mildly annoyed to know that friends were essentially spamming me, but it really kind of blew my mind that people were giving these companies their passwords and essentially letting them see everybody in their contacts list. Yeah, okay, I get it, they all say "we don't store your passwords" or use the information they've gathered for any other purposes than the one you've expressly given them permission for, but... I'm really skeptical.

Now I'm getting invitations to services like Flock and Wink that will (presumably) ask for my passwords to all of my social networking accounts so they can set up one convenient mega-network for me. I actually did sign up for Wink months ago, but balked when I realized that the only way to effectively use the site would be to give up my passwords. If you get phished on Wink, does it potentially compromise all of your accounts? Are there horror stories out there of people losing a dozen social networking accounts at once? I've know several people who, once phished on MySpace, were simply SOL and had to set up new accounts. Imagine if this happened across your entire network of social networks.

This really seems to fly in the face of everything I've learned about 'net security throughout the years: you know, the standard mantras of "don't share your password with anyone" and "have a different password for every account." Yet I'm supposed to trust faceless start-up corporations with this data. I don't know much about password encryption or all the various data-mining operations these companies get up to. I refuse to add modules to my Facebook profile because I simply have to assume that many of the module developers will harvest my personal information and use it (Facebook in fact warns you before you opt-in, but most of my friends on Facebook use an add-on of one sort or other.)

But here I see thousands, millions, of wired Web 2.0 types just diving right into this stuff, signing up for Flock, giving companies access to their email, adding dodgy applications to their Facebook profiles.

What do y'all think about this? Am I being paranoid? Have you willingly given up your email account passwords and/or passwords to social networking sites to any of these companies? Should I just say, "sure, [social networking start-up], I don't know you, but I'll trust you when you say there's no harm in giving up my passwords to you?"

MungBeing 18: Intuition

The eighteenth issue of MungBeing Magazine... feels right somehow, you know?

=== Features ===

* "Innerviews" with regular MungBeing contributors - intuitive artist
Kim Richardson and our resident puzzle constructor Jim Bumgardner

* Claudio Parentela's eXTra finGer interview with artist Jayson Musson

=== Visual Art & Comics ===

* New works from Ian Pyper, Callie Danae Hirsch, Luke Ramsey, Nelly
Sanchez, mckenzee, Liz Parkinson, Muayad Muhsin, Matt Bray, Albert
Schweitzer and Ashley Reaks

* Krzysztof Wlodarski, Elsa Dax, Michael Hafftka, Jacqueline Jones and
Jayson Musson all make their MungBeing debuts this issue

=== Music ===

* The MungBeat! Podcast expands through a new collaboration with the
001 Collective Family. This issue features 10 songs including tracks
from Real Live Tigers, Parade Parade, Secret Owl Society, Tinyfolk,
James Eric, Dustin and the Furniture, Existential Hero, A Drum and an
Open Window, A Wonderful and Evacuee

* PLUS a song from alternative classical pianist Frances Mai-Ling

* PLUS two songs from Ashley Reaks' forthcoming CD "Melancholia"

=== Lit ===

* essays by Michael Dickinson, Alobar Greywalker and Buzzsaw

* prose by Jennifer Chesler, R.S. Deese, and Jenna Humphrey

* poetry by SJ Chambers, J. Bradley and Allegra C. Chesnut

=== Lit Review ===

* jody franklin on "The Terror Of Loch Ness" by Che Elias with
illustrations by Michael Hafftka

* SJ Chambers on the "Surreal Adventures Of Edgar Alan Poo" by Dwight L.
MacPherson and Thomas Boatwright

* Zay Thompson explores neo-tribalism and the philosophies of Daniel
Quinn's "My Ishmael"

All this plus babies, puzzles, more Barber's Closet recipes and J. Edgar

MungBeing is an online bimonthly magazine published under a Creative
Commons license to ensure that information and creativity continue to
flourish and thrive in our new society.


Mark, jody and Starchy

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