June 9th, 2008

uh huh

MungBeing 20: Migration

The twentieth issue of MungBeing Magazine has migrated to the cyberstands!
www. mungbeing. com

=== Features ===
* Tala Bar's essay "Migration In Myth"
* Allegra C Chesnut's "Migrations of the Heart"
* Ian Pyper's exploration of Migration Phases
* a MungBeat! exclusive new album from bibble
* Pablo Vision's "Ignorant Art Ism [Passage of one body into another at death: Anagram (14)]".

=== Visual Art & Comics ===
* Scott Gray, cover artist Matt Sesow, and Pablo Vision all make their MungBeing debuts this issue
* New works from Godfrey Blow, Matt Bray, Jacqueline Jones, Claudio Parentela, Jeff Davis, Muayad Muhsin, Mark Planisek, Liz Parkinson, Elsa Dax, Ashley Reaks, Michael Dickinson, Gus Fink, jody franklin, Callie Danae Hirsch, Frances Mai-Ling, mckenzee, and Jason McLean

=== Music ===
The MungBeat! Podcast features
* "Concrete Daisies" by Allison Barkley
* the exclusive release of "Most Big Sad Time at Planet Cool" by bibble
* two tracks from Ashley Reaks
* two tracks from jody franklin

=== Lit ===
* essays by Tala Bar, Allegra C Chesnut and Buzzsaw
* prose by Pablo Vision
* poetry by Ashley Reaks, RS Deese, and Frances Mai-Ling

All this and recipes, comics, collages, poetry, and pictures of birds.

MungBeing is an online bimonthly magazine published under a Creative Commons license with a foundation in sector 10 and a pattern forming in 12B.