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jody franklin
multidisciplinary artist
MungBeing 13: Ritual and Myth
MungBeing Magazine explores Ritual and Myth with issue thirteen, available now at www.mungbeing.com

* Interviews with Dr. Riane Eisler (The Chalice and the Blade, Sacred Pleasure) and Robin Hardy (The Wicker Man, Cowboys For Christ) by jody franklin
* The music and art of the infamous Ashley Reaks
* An interview with Angie Mason - the first in a series of interviews with today's best underground artists conducted by Claudio Parentela
* The third and final installment of Ian Donnell Arbuckle's ambitious and satisfying serialized novella "Last Name".

* "Gnostics and Nation Builders: Theosophy and the Rise of the Indian National Congress" by RS Deese
* "Speaking Eyes" by Gina Ranalli with drawings by Gus Fink
* "The Knight And The Green Man" by Tala Bar
* "Hills" by Dave Carpenter
and more!

And the debuts of Lyla Emery Reno, saffron b, Boyd Nyberg, Mark Planisek, Andrew Taggart and Alan Smart.

This issue also marks the two year anniversary of MungBeing. Huzzah, with party hats and streamers and the like! Choc'lit cake for all!

MungBeing is an online bimonthly magazine published under a Creative Commons license and the auspices of the plastic avatar of a fallen ancient god locked up in our desk drawer.

Mythically yours,

Mark and jody

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