funferal (jodymeme) wrote,

July Fourth Toilet Videos On YouTube

Finally! You can see me in action on video, on the 'net! We reached back into our July Fourth Toilet archives and pulled out some gems. Here are a few of the best.

Cosmic Metharthasis, November 2003
Perhaps our best performance ever, an all-improvised, ritualistic, experimental acid skronk set. Me: Witchy figure with shiny suit, pink sash, blonde wig, goat hoof rattle.

The Unicorn, April 2000
I'm the Unicorn.

Deep Sea Diver, April 2000
You can see my sweaty mug screeching into the mic as part of the chorus. Song "Deep Sea Diver" is from our 2002 album Something For Everyone.

More on our YouTube page, including our onstage encounter with the legendary songwriter Paul Williams!
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