funferal (jodymeme) wrote,

MungBeing 15: Authenticity

This issue of MungBeing Magazine finds us gazing deep into the eyes of authenticity to decide whether truthfulness is a necessary quality, goodness a component at all, and how far back one must count to designate that something is 'genuine'.

=== Features ===

* John Darnielle of the Mountain Goats writes about covering Furniture Huschle songs

* Autobiographical comic artist Joe "Peepshow" Matt bares it all to jody franklin

* Mark Givens sits down with indie rock sensations The Henry Clay People

* Claudio Parentela interviews psychedelic dreamscape painter Maura Holden

* Alex Minoff discusses authenticity in African music and rock, specifically with the band Extra Golden

=== Visual Art & Comics ===

* Galleries by Matt Bray, Owen Plummer & Andrew Dick, Gus Fink, Rachel Haywire, Bruce New, and Luke Ramsey & Jim Stoten plus new contributors Crystal Bretschger, Skinny Gaviar, Ira Joel Haber, Jessica Hill, Maura Holden, Songmi Huff, and Adonis Massad

* Comics by Claudio Parentela, James Jajac, Joel Huschle and Mark Givens

=== Music ===

* songs by The Henry Clay People and Furniture Huschle

=== Lit ===

* poetry by Frances Mai-Ling, Brad and Rik Albatros

* essays and prose by Ian Donnell Arbuckle, David "Starchy" Grant, Buzzsaw, Kevin Ausmus, Amy Frushour Kelly, Zay Thompson, Jennifer Chesler, SJ Chambers, and Tim Miller

All this plus a whole swingin' batch of cocktail recipes, some craft ideas, a few authentic bits of ranting, and the usual variety of fun-filled fodder.

MungBeing is an online bimonthly magazine published under a Creative Commons license and it ain't nuthin' but the real thing, baby.

Mark, jody and Starchy

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