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MungBeing 17: Home

The seventeenth issue of MungBeing Magazine brings home some delightfully creative art and literature for your year-end enjoyment.

=== Features ===

* Iraqi artist Muayad Muhsin speaks of home and the inspiration behind his painting "Rachel"

* an interview with Athens-based artist and "Third Culture Kid" William Serapa

* The second half of Ian Donnell Arbuckle's screenplay "Sometimes When You Fall"

* Claudio Parentela interviews artist Josh Taylor

=== Visual Art & Comics ===

* New works from Dave Ortega, Callie Danae Hirsch, Michael Dickinson, Songmi Huff, Josh Taylor, Muayad Muhsin, Kim Richardson, jody franklin, Ashley Reaks, William Serapa, Michael O'Briant, Lyosha Kuznetsov, Albert Schweitzer, Nelly Sanchez, Liz Parkinson, Claudio Parentela, M.C. Kinnon, Ira Joel Haber, mckenzee and Mark Givens

=== Music ===

* "This Is Home" by David Greenberger and Chandler Travis, recorded by The Chandler Travis Philharmonic

* "Shanti" by Heidi Morgan

=== Lit ===

* essays by Nicole Caputo, Buzzsaw and Andrew Hessel

* poetry by Brianne Fung, Heidi Morgan, Jennifer Chesler, and Frances Mai-Ling

* prose by Augustinos Touloupis, Mermaid, David "Starchy" Grant, Jennifer Chesler, Michael Dickinson and jody franklin

=== Recipes ===

* "Cornbread of Joy & Sorrow" from mckenzee and "Fig Roll Soup" from Rik Albatros

All this plus a new "Things I've Learned About Babies", a new game called MungBitums, new contributions from new contributors, and a bagful of seasonal delights to warm your hearth and home.

MungBeing is an online bimonthly magazine published under a Creative Commons license to ensure that information and creativity continue to flourish and thrive in our new society.


Mark, jody and Starchy


Direct Links To My Contributions

new work of short fiction It's A Wonderful Life
new gallery of sketchbook drawings In My Neighborhood
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