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MungBeing 18: Intuition

The eighteenth issue of MungBeing Magazine... feels right somehow, you know?

=== Features ===

* "Innerviews" with regular MungBeing contributors - intuitive artist
Kim Richardson and our resident puzzle constructor Jim Bumgardner

* Claudio Parentela's eXTra finGer interview with artist Jayson Musson

=== Visual Art & Comics ===

* New works from Ian Pyper, Callie Danae Hirsch, Luke Ramsey, Nelly
Sanchez, mckenzee, Liz Parkinson, Muayad Muhsin, Matt Bray, Albert
Schweitzer and Ashley Reaks

* Krzysztof Wlodarski, Elsa Dax, Michael Hafftka, Jacqueline Jones and
Jayson Musson all make their MungBeing debuts this issue

=== Music ===

* The MungBeat! Podcast expands through a new collaboration with the
001 Collective Family. This issue features 10 songs including tracks
from Real Live Tigers, Parade Parade, Secret Owl Society, Tinyfolk,
James Eric, Dustin and the Furniture, Existential Hero, A Drum and an
Open Window, A Wonderful and Evacuee

* PLUS a song from alternative classical pianist Frances Mai-Ling

* PLUS two songs from Ashley Reaks' forthcoming CD "Melancholia"

=== Lit ===

* essays by Michael Dickinson, Alobar Greywalker and Buzzsaw

* prose by Jennifer Chesler, R.S. Deese, and Jenna Humphrey

* poetry by SJ Chambers, J. Bradley and Allegra C. Chesnut

=== Lit Review ===

* jody franklin on "The Terror Of Loch Ness" by Che Elias with
illustrations by Michael Hafftka

* SJ Chambers on the "Surreal Adventures Of Edgar Alan Poo" by Dwight L.
MacPherson and Thomas Boatwright

* Zay Thompson explores neo-tribalism and the philosophies of Daniel
Quinn's "My Ishmael"

All this plus babies, puzzles, more Barber's Closet recipes and J. Edgar

MungBeing is an online bimonthly magazine published under a Creative
Commons license to ensure that information and creativity continue to
flourish and thrive in our new society.


Mark, jody and Starchy

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