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jody franklin
multidisciplinary artist
July Fourth Toilet Show This Saturday: I'll Be In Vancouver!
July Fourth Toilet Website Launch Party
A Journey Into The Musical Past Using Technology Of The Future!
with guests Shearing Pinx and Ice Cream
Saturday March 8th, The Astoria, 769 East Hastings

Question: which local musical act
• turned a generic 1970s K-Tel children’s album into a live rock opera performed in animal costumes
• got heckled by legendary rock critic Richard Meltzer while performing in a junkyard
• did a tribute show to songwriter Paul Williams, who climbed onstage and told them they “kicked ass” for doing a song from the movie Ishtar
• are part of the influential West Coast psychedooolia art scene
• staged more than 80 completely unique shows over their 14-year history?

July Fourth Toilet has been following a philosophy of making every performance conceptually different since 1994. This merry band of musical experimentalists has merged performance art with playful genre-bending in their relentless exploration and deconstruction of pop culture arcana and contemporary music.

jody franklin, a writer and multidisciplinary artist who has been with July Fourth Toilet since 1994, started documenting the history of the troupe on their website last year. The Performance History section of JulyFourthToilet.com can be read start to finish as the troupe’s collective autobiography. It tells the story of the eclectic group show by show, as members share anecdotes about their experiences creating musical performance art together. “In my opinion, we have a body of work that is totally different from what anybody else has done, and I really wanted the world to know about it,” said franklin, who designed and edited the site. “I crafted it like a documentary film, editing quotes and visual art together to tell our story in a highly readable, entertaining and artful way.” It is firmly rooted within the cultural context of the Vancouver music and art scenes, as Toilet members openly discuss their contemporaries, scene politics, and how they were perceived by fans and critics. “It may be the most comprehensive window into the Vancouver music scene of this era.”

“We’ve recorded so much material that was never released, and I wanted to start getting some of our older music out before our new album comes out this summer,” said Robert Dayton (of Canned Hamm fame), who co-founded July Fourth Toilet with Julian Lawrence (publisher of Drippytown Comics & Stories). Last year, franklin released their long-lost EP Childhood Will End in MungBeing, the online art magazine he publishes. Dayton has followed this up by digging into their audio archives: the White (Trash) Album, a skewed take on the Beatles put out as a cassette on noise label Trackshun in 1994, will be re-released in its original format. And a CDR of a sloppy feel-good live performance at a Canada Day front porch barbeque in 1995 will also be available to fans for the first time ever.

July Fourth Toilet celebrates their history, the official launch of JulyFourthToilet.com version 3.0, and the release of the White (Trash) Album (cassette) and July Fourth Toilet plays Canada Day on John Knowles’ Front Porch Live 1995! (CDR) at the Astoria on Saturday, March 8th. They will be doing a tribute to their website and performing songs drawn from their Performance History.

launching this Saturday: JulyFourthToilet.com (redirects to MySpace until then!)

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uncommoncold From: uncommoncold Date: March 4th, 2008 04:24 am (UTC) (Link)
I'm going to come to this!
jodymeme From: jodymeme Date: March 4th, 2008 07:45 am (UTC) (Link)
Great! Make sure you introduce yourself, I'd love to finally meet you!
uncommoncold From: uncommoncold Date: March 4th, 2008 08:37 pm (UTC) (Link)
"Hi, I'm Alison. I mean, erm, I'm uncommoncold. You know, from... from our good friend Internet."

I haven't had one of those conversations in years! Same goes for you, too- if you see me first, come say hello.
tudgedelta From: tudgedelta Date: March 5th, 2008 07:28 am (UTC) (Link)
Paul Williams told you that you kicked ass? Very trancendental...he's a magical being, somewhere between muppet and Satan. You were indeed blessed by a music legend.

Congrats on your release!
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