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New Music Available! And New Old Music Available!

Rubaboo is a mentally-suspect neocacophonous audioschizocoustiphonic musical troupe experimenting with the "now sounds" of today. While it is perhaps the "goal" of many to be "discovered" by "record labels" representing the "music industry," we would rather be "discovered" by Jungian analysts and/or spirit mediums who wish to help us investigate the Realistic Barnyard Friends, including the helper monkey friend from Africa and the Secret Goat.

Despite what our "enemies" may say about the Rubaboo audio artists, we may be a "secret society," but we sure are a "cult!"

Rubaboo Links

Rubaboo on CBC Radio 3's New Music Canada
Rubaboo In The RPM Challenge 2008

Realistic Barnyard Friends by Rubaboo

CDr + 12 page zinelet now available for $6 + $2 postage

The Rubaboo musical ensemble of Lotusland have completed our debut "concept album" Realistic Barnyard Friends, which exposes the "Sinister Conspiracy" of Farmer Joe "Old McDonald" Brown and the revolutionary response to his manipulative machinations by a cabal of communist cocks and hens, and explores the intervention of a helper monkey friend from Africa and his mystical god-pal the Secret Goat. It is perhaps far more intuitive than conceptual in terms of approach and structure, yet there are "thematic elements" unifying the individual "works of music." We utilize spontaneous ritualistic "improv" techniques to create elaborate "sonic sketches."

recorded, mixed and mastered February 2008
released 29 February 2008

Realistic Barnyard Friends by Rubaboo
Track Listing Annotated With Descriptions
1. Rise Of The Cock: The Dawn Of A New Age

2. The Helper Monkey Friend From Africa

3. Plight Of The Flightless Fowl

4. Bolshevik Chicken (Is Coming To Town)
"A spritely romp of an entheogenic beet-sucking Slav socialist electro-folk ditty as interpreted by pseudo-Sufis."

5. Realistic Barnyard Friends Subvert The Dominant Paradigm

6. International Chicken Workers Union Local 23 Meets Behind The Henhouse
"Rippling with the dubious musical technique you will come to love, this spontaneous one-take wonder is a scathing, 79% vegan indictment of the tyrannical agricultural practices of that shit-kicking humanoid, Farmer Brown. Rally behind your plump and plucky chicken brethren! Howl with the monkeys as the luminous rays of class consciousness shine light into each nook and cranny of the henhouse!"

7. Old-Fashioned Barnyard Revival Meeting

8. Chickens Are Revolting
"Cocks rise up to repel the anthrocentric controlitism of the malodorous murderous agrityrant, and he responds by spewing his hatred of the feathered monstrosities in a ripping riff of a gun-polishing skronkrawker."

9. Rise Of The Cock: Preparation For War
"Sung by a group of cocks reaffirming their fowlish identities as they rattle their sabres and warble for war."

10. The Helper Monkey's Odyssey To The Realm Of The Secret Goat
"Join the Helper Monkey as he battles his reluctance to shed himself of Farmer Brown's shackles, and finally decides to journey to the realm of the Secret Goat for guidance."

11. Battle Of Brown Holler

12. The Mystical Lament Of The Secret Goat

13. Peace, Love And Kittens

14. Ballad Of The Realistic Barnyard Friends

15. Rise Of The Cock: Twilight On The Barnyard

White (Trash) Album (cassette)
2008 reissue of first classic J4T album from 1994!
$6 + $3 sh

July Fourth Toilet Plays Canada Day On John Knowles' Front Porch Live 1995! CDr
taken from our vaults, now available for the first time ever!
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