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July Fourth Toilet at the VAG, new vinyl LP

I will be in Vancouver to perform in both of these shows.

Two Hot Shows, One Sizzling Album!
Wild Summer Nights With July Fourth Toilet

Go KRAZY! All Night At The Vancouver Art Gallery
Friday June 27th, 6:00 pm to 5:00 am

July Fourth Toilet, an eclectic band of accomplished multidisciplinary artists known for their infamous live shows blending wildly experimental interpretations of popular music forms with high-concept theatricality, will be presenting a 3-room, 11-hour show of music, multimedia, dance and performance art, hosted by the VAG Fuse series as part of the KRAZY! The Delirious World of Anime + Comics + Video Games + Art exhibit.

Courtroom One will feature two performances of Dionysian sludge machismo-drippage skronk from the newly-released limited edition vinyl album July Fourth Toilet presents Balls Boogie featuring Me and Bobby McGee plus!: Kentucky Whore and Many Others. Rock turns in on itself and eats its own emasculated tail at 10:00pm and midnight.

Courtroom Two will feature ongoing improvisational sound art to illustrate themes of transformation, movement, inner voyages of discovery, outer journeys through the universe, birth and rebirth, and rites of passage best avoided starting at 6:00pm and ending at 5:00am!!!!!!. The performance will be accompanied by multiple projections and live scratch animation on 16mm film.

The Rotunda will feature a performance of the piece "Enter the Princess" created specifically for the natural acoustics and shape of the Rotunda using placed choral voices and Chinese gongs in a spectacle of ceremony and visceral sound vibrations accompanied by minimalist dance based on ancient Indian yogic poses. The singers will encircle dancers who face inward to the center of the circle as they move to the pulse of the live score: movement as sound, sound as movement. 9:00pm.

Fuse will also present music, art and multimedia by Arowbe, Vancouver Community Gamelan, Felix Culpa Theatre and the NEOGRAF collective, plus a 12-hour live drawing jam by Vancouver comic artists.

July Fourth Toilet Presents: Balls Boogie Featuring Me And Bobby McGee Plus!: Kentucky Whore And many Others! Record Launch Party
with guests Basketball, The Lovin' Hands (from Calgary) and Stamina Mantis
Friday July 4th at Pub 340, 340 Cambie Street
Doors 9:00 pm

July Fourth Toilet gets back to its roots on the July fourth!: down 'n' dirty on skid row!: in celebration of the release of July Fourth Toilet presents Balls Boogie featuring Me and Bobby McGee plus!: Kentucky Whore and Many Others, their new gritty biker boogie-tinged slab o' overcooked vinyl. Cum get blasted by a rocket ship of sonic slime, exploratory psych-O-droolic instros and zonked ballads in an intimate environment of revelatory boozy revelry!

Format: LP
Release Date: July 4th, 2008
Catalogue : PA871

Limited edition of 500 vinyl LPs
with special art booklet and MP3 download code

What is the album? One third hard driving biker boogie, one third faux Eastern but 10,000 miles up experimental instros, one third wonky ballads, one percent je ne sais quoi, and zero bullshit.

July Fourth Toilet may just be the most lucid yet visceral musical act in existence!

Legendary long-time West Coast Canadian musical act July Fourth Toilet has been doing it their way since 1994.

July Fourth Toilet have made it their mandate to never perform the same show twice. Show themes for this multi-piece, multi-instrumental co-ed bargain basement technicolor variety revue have included thirty second songs and medleys, as well as tributes to tea, candy, Davy Jones and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Their Satanic Majesties Request, September 11th, and legendary songwriter Paul Williams (with Paul Williams himself enjoying the show from ten feet away).

July Fourth Toilet ritualistically combines and transcends pop song craft, versatile musicianship, performance, non-musicians, and pure improvisation to create their unique and inimitable sound and persona.

Named by Gregg Turkington and John Singer of the anarchic and confrontationally comedic experimental two piece Zip Code Rapists.

Their first album, self-released, was intended to make people feel warm inside with its sense of soft experimental psych-pop. Entitled Something For Everyone it received critical raves and was treasured by those who got a chance to hear it.

Tell us more about this new album! For their follow-up album July Fourth Toilet set up a series of obstructions to overcome in order to create greatest listenable unlistenable album of all time using an old semi-generic budget label record as a loose template. Some of the best art and entertainment is created from barriers.

What about the music? July Fourth Toilet begins their obstacle course of an album with an eerie rendition of the most common song they could think of: Kris Kristofferson's "Me And Bobby McGee." What follows are original numbers beginning with five hard driving boogie rock tracks with G Funk keyboards. To maximize listening pleasure and recording efficiency, the band used the same backing track of one of those songs and added new lyrics and vocals et al to create an entirely new song ("Thanks Drugs"). This is followed by four or five experimental non-rock based tracks created by different teamings of J4T members. It all ends in a lush ballad of hope and renewal, a gentle, shaky exhale from such relentless themes of unbridled machismo.

The album is wrapped up in the unwieldy title July Fourth Toilet presents Balls Boogie Featuring Me And Bobby McGee, Plus!: Kentucky Whore And Many Others. So many factors were important, July Fourth Toilet wanted every song to be well crafted and to have the album flow in a new (utilizing restructured fragments of old) and unexpected manner on rather different pinpoints of the musical map, to have it all be cohesive to the unsuspecting, a story of overcoming difficulties for the listeners' enjoyment.

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